Corvuso Meats

Beef, Pork and Wild Game Processing, Retail Meat Sales, Homemade Sausage, Smoked Salmon

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Retail Meat Sales

Full Line of USDA Inspected Beef and Pork Products

Summer Sausage         
All Beef Sausage         
All Beef & Cheese Sausage 
Old Fashioned Wieners        
Country Style Bologna        
Ring Bologna         
Breakfast Links  
Smoked Brats         
Smoked Cheese Brats 
Beef Jerky   
Chicken Jerky         
BBQ Ground Jerky 
Teriyaki Ground Jerky        
Jalapeno Ground Jerky        
Smoked Chicken Breast        
Fresh Chicken Breast             
Teriyaki Stix 
Jalapeno Stix                       
BBQ Stix                             
Beef Stix                              
Beef & Cheese Stix             
Dried Beef          
Bacon & Cottage Bacon
Smoked Chops         
Smoked Ham Rst. or Stk.

Beef Roast          
Pork Roast                    
Farmers sausage 
Canadian bacon 
Rib Eye Steak 
T-Bone Steak 
Sirloin Steak 
Lean Ground Beef
Beef Patties or Steaks
Stew Meat  
Soup Bones 
Ground Pork 
Pork sausage
Pork Patties 
Pork Chops  
Fresh Side Pork 
Pork Spare Ribs 
Potato Sausage 
Head Cheese 
Flank Steak  
Fresh Brats  
Italian Sausage

Other Products

Smoked Salmon
Bongards  Cheese
Sweet Corn (in season)
Tomatoes (in season)

Other Products