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Great Gifts for the Holidays!

Available during the winter Holiday season.  Orders appeciated by December 20th, 2023 but will be taken while supplies last.

Limited availablility throughout the rest of the year.  Call us at 320-587-4845 for availability and ordering.

 Meat Box

Meat Box

2# lean ground beef
1 beef roast
1 pork roast
4 pork chops
8 pork patties, approx 2#
4 hamburger steaks, approx 2#

Only $90.00 each
Includes holiday gift box

Meat Bag

Meat Bag

1 pkg. summer sausage
1 pkg. old fashion wieners
1 pkg. smoked brats
1 pkg. farmer sausage
1 pkg. beef stix
1 pkg. ground  jerky

Only $40.00 each
Includes holiday gift bag

Sausage and Cheese Box

Sausage and Cheese Package

1 stick of our famous summer sausage
1 block of Bongards cheese

Only $25.00 each
Includes holiday gift box

* all prices subject to change